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A Candid Conversation Part 1

A couple of weeks before the surgery (and shortly after her cone biopsy) I sat Samantha down, pointed a camera at her and asked her a bunch of questions. In…
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Cervical Cancer, HPV and Burkas

Today’s going to be a little different of a blog entry for me. All of this has been rattling around in my noggin since I got my diagnosis. Hope you…
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A Husband’s Thoughts

Hi, the Gorgeous Blonde’s husband here. It’s been a week since her surgery. I took this video just before they wheeled her back: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTg6WpgQS4c&feature=youtu.be] I wanted to share it almost immediately…
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Medical Trials and Tribulations

This morning I woke up at 4:15am, furious and unable to go back to sleep. No matter how much time I’ve had to deal with the cancer, and how generally…
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The Gorgeous Blonde Redux

This was originally posted on twodudesblog.com So a lot of you have responded positively to the Gorgeous Blonde post that I thought I would ask her to respond. Below is an interview with…
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The Gorgeous Blonde

(Originally shared on Twodudesblog.com) I started my day thinking I was going to write about finding funny in the dark times. Then I got word that Hollie Stevens died. So I wrote…
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